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Meet our unique range of  Revision Stationery

Revision Stationery

Revision Stationery designed by students, for students.

At Plan it Padz, we understand how important, and stressful exam time is. That's why we created our range of easy to use revision stationery.


Our unique revision stationery range includes weekly and daily revision planners and subject branded revision flashcards. Our range has been designed to help you structure your time and your notes, which can help reduce exam stress.

Our subject branded revision flashcards are perfect for studying definitions, formulas and key concepts. You can revise the questions, the answers and vice versa.

Ultimately, our revision stationery will help you to spend less time organising and more time learning, making your exam revision super effective. Good luck!

At Plan It Padz we strive to bee...




1. Plan it Padz Revision Stationery's chosen charity is the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The charity's aim is to create a world where Bumblebees are thriving and valued. Bees are vital to pollinate our flowers and crops, which provides much of our food.

2. All inks used to manufacture our revision stationery are vegetable based, which reduces crude oil consumption.

3. Any protective wrapping used to deliver our revision planners or revision flashcards is manufactured from corn or potato starch. This means that the wrapping is 100% biodegradable and can go in your compost, food waste or recycle bin!

4. We try to only use postal packaging that is composed of recyclable material. 

Swarm of Bees
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