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Creator of the Original Subject Branded Flashcard


  • Why should I handwrite my own revision flashcards?
    Writing your revison flashcards rather than typing notes helps your brain to retain information faster. This is because the action of writing activates more areas of your brain compared to typing. When you write something not only do you have to think about what you want to write you also have to think how you're going to write it. This appeals to your motor memory. You also create a much stronger visual image which greatly aids in remembering information. Ultimately you will learn much faster compared to typing. Take a look at our blog section for advice on how to use revision flashcards effectively.
  • How thick are your individual flashcard sheets?
    They're pretty durable! Each flashcard sheet has a card weight of 250gsm.
  • What is a revision flashcard pad?
    Each of our revision flashcard pads contains 40 gluebound 250gsm flashcard sheets. The flashcards can be easily and cleanly torn from the pad leaving you with individual flashcards or alternatively you can leave the flashcards on the pad for safe keeping.
  • What makes your flashcard pads different?
    Our revision flashcards are subject branded meaning that you can keep your revision notes really organised. This is helpful when you are revising a few subjects as you will always be able to locate the notes associated with the subject you want to learn. Our revision flashcards come as a 'pad' which means that the cards are gluebound together and therefore easy to carry around with you. You can choose to leave the cards together or tear the cards cleanly from the pad to form loose revision cards. Additionally, our revision flashcard sheets are printed on thick card of 250gsm meaning that they are durable for your whole revision period.
  • Is every revision flashcard in the pad subject branded?
    Yes! Our beautiful themed illustrations are printed on each of the 40 revision flashcard sheets in the pad so you know instantly what subject your notes relate to. You can tear the notes from the pad if you like and store them in individual topic groups or you can keep them on the pad so you can transport them, and find them, easily.
  • Can I return my items ?
    Yes! If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your products, please email us to discuss the issue at We will endevour to resolve the problem or arrange for a return. Please note that unless an item proves to be faulty we are unable to cover return postage costs. All products must be returned unused and in their original packaging within 14 days of receipt. Please see our Returns Policy for full details.
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