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Creator of the Original Subject Branded Flashcard


Plan it Padz offers an extensive range of subject branded revision flashcards covering core subjects such as Maths, English and Science as well as Geography, History, Modern Languages and Religious Studies. We also stock plain lined flashcards with a smart aqua stripe.


If you've not used flashcards for revision before take a look at our blog post 'how to revise with flashcards' and find out how they can help you learn important information for your exams and be super effective with your study time. 

All of our revision flashcards are printed on high quality 250gsm card and are double sided.  Unlike other flashcards they are subject branded so you can find the relevant subject notes easily when you need them. They also come glue bound in a pad giving you the option to keep them all together or tear them cleanly off - whatever works best for you! 

Our revision flashcards work well with our daily and weekly revision timetables

Shop the full range of revision flashcards below.

Create your own revision flashcard bundle

Choose your favourite subject branded revision flashcards below. Flashcards are available as a single pad or in multi-buy bundles where you can choose your own subjects.


Pre-made revision flashcard sets

Buy our most popular revision flashcards in our pre-made flashcard sets.

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