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Revision Stationery

The Plan it Padz Revision Stationery Story

Hi my name is Jess and I am the founder of Plan it Padz Revision Stationery. I completed my A-levels in 2018 and I am now reading a degree in Planning and Real estate at The University of Manchester.


Having sat numerous school tests, mock exams, GCSE's, A-levels and University exams I have realised the importance of having a structured study timetable and clear, concise study notes that are visually appealing and easy to learn from. These past experiences led me to establish Plan it Padz to design and develop my own range of revision stationery, to help other to achieve exam success.

About our Revision Stationery

At the centre of my revision stationery range is my unique subject branded revision flashcards which  combine perfectly with my 'bee' design daily and weekly revision planners.

Plan it Padz subject branded flashcard pads allow all students to easily sub-divide and identify their course and revision notes. To complement the revision flashcards the daily and weekly 'bee' themed revision timetables will assist you in organising your time to ensure that you strike a good study balance, always leaving some down-time for yourself.


The 'bee' range of daily and weekly study planners are synonymous with a productive hard work ethic and my school and university links with Manchester. Ultimately, protecting and conserving the hardworking bee is vital to our existence and environment and therefore Plan it Padz supports the Bumblebee Conservation Trust .    

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