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A set of three humanity gluebound flashcard pads for the following subjects: Geography, History and Economics/Business Studies

Product Information 

  • 40 flashcard sheets per pad
  • Double sided lines
  • 250gsm thick card stock

The flashcard pads are very versatile. The individual flashcard sheets can either be torn cleanly from the pad leaving you with a stack of  revision cards or can be left bound together on the pad for safe keeping. 


Humanities Flashcard Pad Set: Geography, History and Economics/Business Studies


    Revision Stationery from Plan it Padz

    Plan it Padz is a proud British business that provides revision stationery for students of all ages, whether they are studying for GCSE's, A Levels, a degree or any other kind of assessment. 

    Our unique revision stationery range has been designed by students for students and includes daily revision planners, weekly revision planners and subject branded revision flashcards.

    Get helpful revision tips and advice in our revision blog

    Revision Planners

    Revision planners help students to effectively manage their study time. This ensures that no subjects or topics are missed out or left until the last minute and that students timetable in proper breaks, meals and track hydration.


    Our revision planners include confidence trackers; at the end of a revision session, students can record how confident they feel about a specific subject or topic they've just revised helping them keep a record of anything they need to spend more time on or seek help from a teacher, friend or family member.

    Revision Flashcards

    Revision flashcards can be used to learn key facts, definitions and meanings for any subject from Maths to Religious Studies. You can use them in a number of ways but the most common way is to write a question or keyword on one side and the answer or definition on the other. You can then challenge yourself to come up with the answer before turning the card over.

    Our revision cards help students to condense their study notes into manageable essential facts. The process of writing notes in your own words appeals to your motor memory.  For advice and tips on how to use flashcards effectively visit our expert blog 'How to study with revision cards'.

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